The Secret To A Strong Relationship

When you fall in love with a girl, everything can be so magical. You will spend 24/7 thinking about her. She serves as your inspiration every time you go to work and you can never be more excited when you are about to sleep, hoping that you’d be dreaming of her once more. Do you want to know what’s the best part there? That’s when you get to be successful in courting her by making her say yes to be in a relationship with you. While the spark is what keeps you and your girlfriend together, you have to be very careful when you’re still starting out. During the early stage is when things can be very vulnerable and it takes quite some time before a great foundation is established between the two of you. Well, who wants to break up with their partner if they know for a fact that they’re indeed in love. So if you want to build a strong relationship with your girl, all you have to do is get to know her more and more in the most effective manner.

One of the simplest, yet vital parts about being together with someone is to always have a lot of time to talk and share about each other. To get you prepared, especially if you’re someone who can be quite forgetful (even though you don’t mean to), create a text document on your laptop or mobile phone that will be filled about everything that she shares to you. Of course, you can’t just let her words slip inside your left ear, going out to the right. You have to let it stay on your subconscious mind and if handling a lot of details is something you find hard, writing everything down sure helps you learn by heart all of the personal stuff she had opened up to you.

What exactly are the details involved here? It could be anything really, from her childhood days to her grownup years and important events she’s been through to friends and family. You may not see the significance of these matters, but you should know that caring about what she cares is a big thing for her. By remembering certain topics that you have discussed with in the past, she can be so amazed and have the impression that you truly value the words that come out of her mouth.

In some cases, a girl may not be that open with her past life unless you do some nudging. For that, you have to make the move. But remember to be careful and of course, do not forget to list down what you need to dig out from her too. Great examples would be her zodiac sign, food preferences, how many siblings she has, best friends that she’s been with through thick and thin and so on. As a tip, refrain from asking the same questions every now and then. This will give her the impression that you never listen to her at all. Another tip to follow is that you shouldn’t ask all of the questions at once. Perhaps make a schedule for each topic and when you open one, try to expand the context by going through specific details in order to keep the conversation long and fun.

Your relationship should be good for a long run or even settlement if you can follow this essential guide. Nonetheless, you should find yourself rewarded by your partner at certain points in time by making her feel extra special through these simple efforts.