The Missing Secret Of The Secret

The Secret swept the world and became the best seller. It has changed millions of people around the world by understanding how the Universe and Law of Attraction work to manifest what they want. The 3 simple process taught by The Secret : Ask , Believe, and Receive are as simple as they sound.

The Secret also reveals that in order to get what you want, you must focus on what you want, feel grateful, do visualization and positive affirmation and action. The book suggested that as long as you do all of those, you will get what you wish for, because we are all Co-Creator. Thousands of people around the world has testified that this really works. There is no doubt about this. We can manifest our wishes subconsciously, then our conscious mind and The Universe will work together to materialize them.

However, as thousands of people around the world claim that they successfully get amazing results from The Secret, thousands if not millions claim that they have no luck at all with it. Why is this happening? Is the Universe playing tricks on us or some of us do not deserve to get what we wish for at all?

Spiritually, as well as materially, we are all entitled to the same amount of rights to manifest what we want. Most of The Secret’s contributors practice meditation regularly and endorse meditation in their personal teachings. By doing meditation, we actually communicating with God, The Divine, The Universe, The Source, whatever works for you. The Source always act and react in Pure Unconditional Love and practices no judgment. There is no right and wrong in the eyes of The Source. We are all loved equally. The Source never punishes bad behavior or rewards good ones.

However, not all who meditate regularly are successful in manifesting what they wish for. Why? This is actually the missing secret why some people are successful and some are not. The main reason some people are not successful in manifesting is because their connection to the Divine is not sufficient. If their 7 major Chakras and Divine Chakras are not activated, the flow of communication and information from their Higher Self and or The Source are somehow experiencing interference. This is like trying to download a very large video file with a very slow internet connection.

People who have received a Divine Energy based attunements have active 7 major Chakras and energy fields. With this activation, channel of communication with The Source is wide open and free of interference. He or she will be full with Pure Unconditional Love, and will find true connection to the Divine Energy, Creator of everything and that’s in all things. Manifesting becomes much easier, because when you express love, you are aligned with that same love that was granted to us and used for Creation.